Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Strict regulations, demand for compliance and the sensitivity of modern medical procedures and products to environmental fluctuations makes a comprehensive monitoring program a non-negotiable for today's health care facility.

ServersCheck offers a range of options for environmental, power, security and industrial monitoring throughout hospitals, medical surgeries and pharmacies. Leveraging our modular, scalable architecture and wired or wireless sensor options, healthcare management and solutions integrators can easily scale up solutions to fit requirements. 

Compared to some of our competitor products which are non-networked probes that store information internally (data loggers), our sensors provide real-time updates as well as a data trail accessible through our free software. Our open protocols (SNMP/Modbus/XMP) means you can integrate ServersCheck hardware with your BMS and NMS platforms.

Power, Engine & Generator Rooms

Nowhere is it more critical to ensure back-up power is fully operational 24/7 than in the healthcare setting, where failure could literally be the difference between life and death. Take advantage of the following sensors:

  • The Vibration & Shock Sensor can be configured to alert when the generators are running or when abnormal vibrations are detected
  • The Fuel Leak Detection Sensor ensures any potentially dangerous fuel leaks don't go unnoticed
  • The Thermal Imaging Camera Sensor detects thermal runaways on you automatic transfer switches, batteries, generators etc
  • The Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor tracks the fuel level in your generator tanks
  • The AC Power Meter Sensors enable monitoring of current, voltage and wattage

HVAC & Climate Infrastructure

ServersCheck sensors can monitor the integrity of climate control and air conditioning systems:

Operating Room

International best practice — such as the standards stipulated by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) —  states that operating rooms should meet the following conditions:

  • Air should be changed frequently (4 times per hour)
  • Relative humidity (rH) should be in the range of 30 - 60%
  • Temperature should be between 20 - 24°C

These three requirements can be easily accomplished on a single base unit with a Temperature & Humidity Sensor plus a Digital Airflow Sensor airflow sensor attached.

Pharmacy & Medical Cold Storage

Similar to operating rooms, pharmacies (particularly those in hospitals) operate best in specific conditions. Air quality is important, and can be monitoring not only through the airflow but also the air quality (dust) sensor.

Temperature-sensitive materials like medications (especially vaccines), tissue and blood samples requiring cold storage and compliancy documentation can be monitored with out Stainless Steel Temperature Sensors. IP65-rated, sensitive to 0.1°C and able to provide continuous real time reporting and alerts via the SensorGateway, this sensor offers huge benefits compared to traditional data loggers, enhancing compliance while further reducing demands on staff.

Please contact us for info on any sensors mentioned here but not available on the web store.



Wired SensorGateway


Wired SensorGateway


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Airflow Sensor


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Optical Dust Sensor


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Vibration & Shock Sensor


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