SensorGateway Firmware Download Step 2/2 (v3)

You have selected hardware version 3 of the SensorGateway. Click on the button below to download the firmware. 

Please note that a firmware will only work for the hardware version it was designed for. Loading it onto a different hardware version may damage your SensorGateway. 

To update the firmware, click on the Firmware Update option in the web interface of the SensorGateway.
All settings will be erased for devices with firmware 3.04 or lower. 

Important Info: after performing the firmware upgrade make sure to change the mac address of the sensor gateway by going to and as detailed on page 14 of the user manual

Before upgrading please carefully read the firmware release notes.
Should the firmware update fail, then try resetting it to factory default firmware by following the RESET instructions in the user manual

Download Firmware v1.6