Why ServersCheck?

With several options on the market, it's important to know why ServersCheck is the most powerful, reliable and best value for money critical infrastructure monitoring solution available. Backed by Duons excellent product knowledge and post-sales support, it really does offer an unrivalled return on your investment.

What does it do?

Through its ecosystem of base units, expansion hubs and sensors, ServersCheck offers a highly customisable solution for monitoring critical infrastructure such as server rooms, data centres, distributed telecommunications sites, cold storage facilities and much more. Wired or wireless sensors record and transmit monitoring data to the wired or wireless 3G/4G SensorGateway, which networks with our in-built software. For more advanced deployments involving multiple sensing metrics and automated controls, ServersCheck offers a range of expansion hubs.

Whether you utilise our cloud-based platform or a closed, on-premise network is up to you. Either way you can make use of the same live updates, alerts and potential for control actions that make ServersCheck the global leader in critical infrastructure monitoring.


A leading brand trusted by major companies

Used by more than 7,000 companies worldwide, ServersCheck is a global brand that provides monitoring solutions for every application and budget. From SMEs to publicly listed corporations, ServersCheck fits the needs of organisations of any size and industry.


A complete solution

The ServersCheck product range provides all the components — hardware and software — required by modern organisations to monitor and control their critical infrastructure. The wide variety of wired and wireless sensors monitor the full spectrum of parameters: environmental, power, security and industrial equipment. Our standalone base units include in-built temperature sensors, offering 'plug & play' monitoring in a single unit. Our sophisticated expansion hubs multiply possibilities for additional sensors and automated controls.

Added to that, optional on-premise or cloud-based monitoring as well as integration with your existing network and/or building managements systems via SNMP, Modbus TCP and XML makes ServersCheck a versatile and effective software solution.

A modular solution

ServersCheck's building-block approach provides unparalleled value-for-money and usability. All solutions start with the small base unit — available in wired or mobile 3G/4G — and from there the user can add sensors as needed. If requirements change or grow sensors can be easily swapped out or added to by one of our expansion hubs (up to 8 wired sensors or 30 wireless sensors can be integrated).


It's scalable: from XS to XXL

With modularity comes scalability. Everyone, from the smallest businesses looking to monitor a single server rack to massive corporations or government departments needing oversight of very large systems, can take advantage of ServerCheck's world-leading solution.

Open on-board protocols — SNMP, Modbus TCP and XML — empower the user to integrate with existing network and/or building management systems, or even custom build their own apps and software.


An affordable solution

The modular approach makes ServersCheck affordable; only pay for what you need. 

We also provide complimentary cloud-based monitoring software, mobile apps and firmware upgrades, meaning you won't be locked in to expensive subscription contracts.

And on top of all that, Duons offer FREE shipping for all Australian orders!

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