Company Profile


Founded in 2003, ServersCheck is a privately owned international technology company specialised in critical facilities monitoring or the Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT). The solution utilises wired & wireless sensors to monitor environmental, power, security & industrial conditions of critical facilities. The modular design of our solution makes it suitable for organizations and projects of any size: from a company looking to monitor just a few racks, to companies monitoring thousands of distributed sites & micro data centres. 

ServersCheck has operations in North America, Europe and Asia. With our international footprint we serve more than 7,000 customers around the world with our leading Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT).



Since 2005 Duons has been been a leader in its field as a provider of expert repairs, maintenance, logistics and end-of-life support to a range of industries including telecommunications, mining, defence, as well as small and medium businesses. In addition to their strong service based offering and specialisations in radio equipment and electronics, Duons has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers of technology solutions. In addition to an exclusive Australasian distribution agreement with ServersCheck, Duons also offers a wireless broadband microwave radio and 4G/LTE solutions.

With experience, expertise and other key assets in house you can be confident that Duons will offer the highest level of post-sale support and advice.


A global leader with a solution for everyone...

ServersCheck monitoring solutions are deployed by thousands of organisations and companies across Australia, New Zealand, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

ServersCheck's customers range from Fortune 100 companies to SMEs, catering for deployments and budgets of any size. 

Our clients include some of the world's biggest companies from a wide range of industries