Server Rooms & Data Centres

You have invested significant time and money into creating an invaluable asset — your server room or data centre. Don't allow your hard work and ongoing profitability to be undermined by the ever present threat of network failure caused by environmental factors like excess heat, water damage, power failure and more!

Duons and ServersCheck have developed an unmatched range of products to protect your ICT infrastructure from major environmental threats, offering best-practice solutions for server rooms or data centres of all shapes and sizes.

Our plug & play sensors monitor a range of parameters:

Temperature All electronic equipment is susceptible to failure when exposed to extreme heat, and server room infrastructure is no exception. That's why the ServersCheck base unit comes with an in-built temperature sensor. Added wired, wireless and even a thermal imaging options give comprehensive protection from this critical threat.


Power Failure Early warning of loss of mains power to your server room gives you time to react and prevent a critical failure. Achieve it easily with our plug & play Power Failure Sensor


Water Leakage & Flooding Water and electrical equipment like computer systems are a disastrous combination. The Water Leak Detection Sensor will detect the first signs of unwanted moisture, protecting your electrical and human assets from potential harm.


Air Flow Larger server rooms and data centres rely on the proper flow of hot and cool air throughout the system for maximum efficiency. The ServersCheck digital Air Flow Sensor can be deployed where flow of air is critical (e.g. hot air aisles on either side of cold aisles) to give early indications that there is a ventilation issue to be addressed.


Dust & Air Quality The accumulation of dust and fine particles can be extremely hazardous to electronic equipment like high speed drives commonly found in data storage facilities. ServersCheck's Optical Dust Sensor provides early warnings of this often invisible threat, allowing you to take measures to protect critical infrastructure.