Telecom Infrastructure & Distributed Sites

Simplify monitoring and maintenance of your remote sites with our highly adaptible system. Save time and money by cutting down on the need for travel-intensive service schedules through a fullly passive monitoring regime that keeps you in the loop on the power, security and environmental status of your valuable infrastructure, without you even leaving the office.

Building up expertise in providing best-practice monitoring for server rooms and data centres, ServersCheck and Duons have developed a range of sensor solutions for remote and distributed critical infrastructure sites, including:


  • Telecommunications equipment shelters and rooms
  • Railroad communications
  • Remote mining communications shelters
  • Cell cites

Copper Grounding Quality & Theft Monitoring

Copper components used in critical infrastructure like cell sites to protect them from electrical damage from power surges are an attractive target for thieves. ServerCheck's digital Ground Monitoring Sensor provides an added layer of security additonal to CCTV to generate instant alerts when grounding is compromised, either through tampering by thieves, or the longterm effects of corrosion and natural deterioration.

Remote Monitoring & Control of Generators

When mains power to a remote site is lost, auxiliary power generators are vital to maintain operations until things are up and running again. Via the dry contact and relay ports available on ServersCheck's IO - Dry Contact Sensor, Multi-Sensor & 5 Ports Hub and Sensorhub, systems can be configured to monitor a generator's activity, as well as activate and control it.

Generators without dry contact outputs can have usage tracked through the Vibration & Shock Sensor.


Enhance your security system by adding further layers over and above video surveillance. The Door Contact Sensor provides a simple but effective way of alerting management to unauthorised access to secure sites. Simply connect it to the dry contact input of an IO - Dry Contact Sensor or Sensorhub and configure your alert or automated response.

Similarly, optical smoke and infrared PIR motion detectors can be integrated.

Dry Contact Monitoring

Commonly deployed dry contact alarms and legacy sensors can be easily integrated into a ServersCheck solution via any of our units featuring dry contact input and outputs. The purpose-built  IO - Dry Contact Sensor provides 16 dry contact inputs which can trigger 4 dry contact outputs. Inputs are configurable to normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), and a triggering of these to abnormal states can generate alerts via SNMP traps to the Network Operations Centre (NOC), or via email to field engineers. Via relay switching these alerts can also trigger automated responses, like turning on a water pump if flooding is detected.

9 On-board Sensors, Additional Ports and IO Integration in one State-of-the-Art Unit

Custom designed and built for deployment in enclosed, distributed sites, the ServersCheck Multi-Sensor & 5 Ports Hub covers many of the bases you need for monitoring and controlling remote infrastructure. On-board metrics include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Motion
  • CO
  • Power failure

These offer innovative new techniques and enhanced redundancies to strengthen traditional monitoring techniques. For example, monitoring for the presence of CO (carbon monoxide) is another way of detecting the presence of fire and smoke, particularly in the earlier stages. 

Please contact us for info on any sensors mentioned here but not available on the web store.





Multi-Sensor & 5 Ports Hub


Multi-Sensor & 5 Ports Hub


Door Contact Sensor


Door Contact Sensor


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